Quality content informs, engages and enables users


Content is the articles or parts contained within a medium (e.g. book, document, webpage, poster, video, etc.). It conveys the information, messaging or ideas that you want to communicate, and can be written, visual and/or interactive to get viewers to complete a task or action.

Content will need to differ from medium to medium due to the way people interact with it. For example:

  • Advertisements or posters should be visually eye-catching to draw people in, but simple enough that the messaging is understood from a very quick interaction. There should also be an indication of where/how to find more information, like a website URL, social media handle or a phone number.
  • Websites can have much more content, but should be optimized for jumping around to different categories because users want to find information quickly. See Web content standards and best practices.
  • Documents and articles can be wordier because readers expect to spend more time to follow a linear story from start to finish.

A content strategy is how content in different areas or from different mediums work together to provide a cohesive experience for your target audience.

The following resources will help you create strong, high quality and consistent content.