3.2.1 - On focus

The intent of this success criterion is to ensure that functionality is predictable as visitors navigate their way through a document. Any component that is able to trigger an event when it receives focus must not change the context. Examples of changing context when a component receives focus include, but are not limited to:

  • forms submitted automatically when a component receives focus
  • new windows launched when a component receives focus
  • focus is changed to another component when that component receives focus

Ways to meet the criterion

Ensure that when any component receives focus, it does not initiate a change of context.

Examples of receiving focus are:

  • mouse hover
  • tabbing between components

Examples of change of context:

  • new window
  • new pages
  • significantly re-arranging the content of the page

Any change of context MUST be user initiated such as clicking a button.

Supported general and HTML techniques to meet the criterion: