2.2.1 - Timing adjustable

The intent of this success criterion is to ensure that users with disabilities are given adequate time to interact with web content whenever possible. People with disabilities such as blindness, low vision, dexterity impairments, and cognitive limitations may require more time to read content or to perform functions such as filling out an online form.

Ways to meet the criterion

Provide users enough time to read and interact with the content. For each time limit that is set, ensure that either of these options is provided for the end user:

  • ability to turn off the time limit
  • ability to adjust the time limit
  • warning before time expires and an opportunity of at leaset 20 seconds given to extend the time limit

Some exceptions exist:

  • real-time events i.e. an auction, where the time limit is absolutely required
  • if the time limit is longer than 20 hours

Supported general and HTML techniques to meet the criterion: